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What are the most popular dog breeds on Staten Island? (interactive map) –

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Staten Island bucks many of the city's trends, so why should our taste in dogs be any exception?

An Advance analysis of dog ownership across the borough found that the most popular breeds on Staten Island are markedly different than those favored in the city as a whole.

As the "greenest borough," and the one with the most suburban character, one might expect that Staten Islanders opt for larger breeds than typical city dwellers.

But Islanders, like the rest of New Yorkers, actually prefer small dogs. They're just not the same small dogs commonly seen in other boroughs.

New York City's two most popular breeds — the French bulldog and the bulldog — don't even crack Staten Island's top 25 list.

That list, according to 2015 Health Department licensing data, is headed by Yorkshire terriers and shih tzus.

While Yorkies and shih tzus are easily the most popular breeds on Staten Island, they're nowhere near the top of the city's list. Yorkies ranked eighth citywide and shih tzus didn't even make the top 10, according to an American Kennel Club report released in February.

It's possible, however, that Staten Island is just late to the puppy party. Frenchies and bulldogs have only catapulted to the top of the city's most popular list in the past couple years, while Yorkies — once the most popular breed in the city — have lost favor.

Only time will tell whether Staten Island gets hip to the bulldog craze or stays true to its yappy Yorkies.

Click on the photos of each of the borough's most popular dog breeds below to read about the breed's history and its place on Staten Island.

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Yorkies and shih tzus are the two most popular dog breeds on the Island, but they don't dominate every neighborhood.

A ZIP Code-level analysis of licensed dogs shows that labrador retrievers actually lead the pack in three Staten Island enclaves. Labs, the third most popular breed on the Island, are top dog in the 10301 (St. George, New Brighton, Randall Manor, Silver Lake, Sunnyside and parts of Grymes Hill, Emerson Hill and Todt Hill), 10302 (Port Richmond, Elm Park and Graniteville) and 10307 (Tottenville).

Labs are about equally as popular as Yorkies and shih tzus on the North Shore, but lag behind those two breeds on the South Shore, where smaller dogs appear to be favored.

South Shore folks seem to prefer Maltese, cocker spaniels and bichons — dogs that are relatively rare on the North Shore – while North Shore residents are more likely to own pitbulls and Jack Russell terriers.

The interactive map below illustrates the most popular dogs by Staten Island ZIP Code. The colors of each ZIP Code correspond to the most popular dog breed within that ZIP Code (Yorkie = green; shih tzu = red; labrador retriever = blue)

Click the outline of each ZIP Code to see the five most popular dogs in that area.


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