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Vigilant Canine Services International Offers Civilian Dog Training Course – KTVN

 A few months ago we told you about an international canine training organization that moved its headquarters to Reno. They're known for training dogs for the military to fight overseas and for law enforcement across the united states and now they are branching out even more.

Vigilant Canine Services International has been running in Reno for only three months and they just started a new civilian canine training program that anyone can join. 

Mary Kapner has been bringing her two dogs, China and Mitzi to Vigilant Canine Services International for the past few weeks. These dogs are receiving special training for agility races - a special sport for dogs. "If anybody could help me work through that with him it would be a military and police instructor," said Kapner.

Steve Holidy is the man behind the training. He has been working with dogs for the past 20 years and has trained 20% of FBI bomb dogs.. So it's safe to say he knows what he's doing. "I train police dogs, I train detention dogs, trained cell phone dogs, narcotics dogs, explosive dogs...," said Holidy. The list goes on and on.. On Thursday night we was teaching people how to manage their dogs at home.

Amanda Price brought in her lab puppy for some work on basic commands. "He knows sit, stay, down.. He stays down when people come over instead of jumping all over people," said Price.

In these classes, there's a variety of pets from labs, to poodles, other mix dogs and of course German shepherds.

For information on civilian canine training classes, CLICK HERE.


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