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Video: Trail Dog Training –

So my girlfriend has this beautiful collie pup called Teddie, and I have showed her videos of trail dogs in the past, and we always joked about making Teddie one, well today we finally got Teddie out on the trail with me, and right from the beginning she showed an eagerness to follow the bike, however she mainly wanted to rush ahead and as her breed is widely used for sheep dogs, she was constantly trying to heard me from the beginning, but after a few rides and a lot of treats and praise, we got her running beside me and also following me.


The ride was cut short by a broken chain and lack of chain breaker, but Teddie showed signs of a potentially really good trail dog, we are going to continue working on this in the coming weeks, so expect to see more video of me and Teddie in the future, here is the short edit I made of the day, enjoy the video guys and have a good night.

Ps. I think they should make proper dog helmets...



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