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The Most Popular Dog Breeds In NYC, Sorted By Neighborhood – Gothamist

The noble French Bulldog stands vigil next to a fire hydrant. (Clint McMahon/flickr)

The American Kennel Club has unleashed (yes) its list of the most popular dogs in NYC, in addition to specifying the most popular breeds by neighborhood. Let's examine.

The most prevalent breed in the city is the French bulldog, an adorable smush-faced feat of engineering known for its easygoing demeanor and weird little fox ears. Ranking just below are Regular Boring Bulldog, then Labs, then German Shepherds then Golden Retrievers. This is roughly in keeping with preferences across the U.S., though the Frenchie fails to make the cut nationwide, replaced instead by the beagle.

As for dog breeds by neighborhood:

Astoria: Bulldog

Washington Heights: Italian Greyhound

UWS: Labrador Retriever

UES: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Riverdale: Yorkshire Terrier

Park Slope, Murray Hill, FiDi, East Village, Tribeca: French Bulldog

New Dorp: German Shepherd

Times have really changed from years past, when Yorkshire terriers ruled this city like little fur-faced Boss Tweeds. But cities change, alas, more quickly than a mortal's heart, and all those out of vogue Yorkies have probably been stuffed in the closet next to last year's normcore jeans.

According to, prospective Frenchie owners can expect to pay between $2,000 and $4,000 for an especially promising specimen, which is obviously sociopathic when there are thousands of abandoned or unwanted dogs currently ensnared in the city's overstuffed shelter system.

If you are considering opening your pocketbook for such an investment, punch yourself in the face and then peruse pets available through Animal Care and Control, where the bulk of the city's abandoned pets are unceremoniously dumped after their fickle owners decide they just can't anymore.


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