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The Clicker Plus Ring Will Train Your Dog – Small Business Trends

Entrepreneur and professional dog trainer Josh Pitts has taken his love for dog training and channeled it into Clicker Plus. Pitts is a firm believer in clicker training but noticed that many dog owners were inclined to leave their clicker at home when taking their pets out. The reason is clickers can be cumbersome when you are also juggling a leash, treats, and other pet accessories. To answer this problem Pitts developed a simple and unobtrusive clicker in the form of a ring worn on your finger.

This may not mean much to you if you have never heard of clicker training. Simply put, this training method helps dogs distinguish between good and bad behavior with the use of a small noisemaker. When the animal behaves correctly they are given a treat and at the same time the noisemaker is clicked to mark the behavior. The animal associates good behavior with the click and can interpret what behavior gained a positive reward.

Originally Pitts was not looking to become a product developer. After realizing he had a knack for dog training, Pitts became certified and began building a client base. But a service business turned out not to be scalable, he told the Business Opportunities website in an interview recently. His local market just wouldn’t support what he was offering. That didn’t stop him though. Instead he shifted his focus to fill a different need.

Pitts used the experience and knowledge he had gained, as well as every resource within his reach, to create a product within his niche of expertise. He managed to raise over $3,400 on Indiegogo. Although this amount was below his target goal, it was enough to get him started. Clicker Plus is now available for pre-order. The creation of Clicker Plus has also spurred other product ideas. Pitts has plans to develop Clicker 2.0, the Clicker Leash, and Clicker gloves among others.

Clicker Plus is a simple solution that Pitts came up with from his own experience. Sometimes we fall into the trap of wanting to come up with an entirely new or complex idea. Simple is often better. Also when things weren’t working, Pitts simply shifted instead of going in a completely different direction. He stuck with what he knew and kept things simple.

Image: Indiegogo


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