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When it comes to venomous snakes, humans have varying degrees of fear. Think of reptile fear as a pyramid with most of us at the broad bottom and very few near the narrow pinnacle. Humans who own expensive hunting dogs or cherished family pets (often the same dog) are perched on top.

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Like clockwork each summer, children and elderly people become victims of attacks by dogs running at large. Sometimes, people enter a dog’‍s territory and are bitten.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Medical attention is required for 885,000 people; children account for half of those injuries.

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By Dogster May 22nd 2014

Most dogs can benefit tremendously from a well-taught obedience training class. "Most dogs" and "well taught" are the operative phrases. Is dog obedience training school for your dog? How do you evaluate basic dog obedience instructors? Even experienced dog owners can often benefit from some expert tips on how to train a dog, and a good instructor should provide valuable feedback on how you can improve your training skills.

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SOMERS, N.Y. -- With winter finally in the rearview mirror, S.R. Dog Training in Somers is reminding residents of the new dangers posed to dogs in the warmer weather. 

Not all plants are animal friendly. If your dog ingests just a small amount of these common plants, it can lead to serious health issues.

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VERO BEACH — Keeping your dog healthy and happy requires a certain amount of regular care. Annual veterinarian visits and grooming are all a part of having a pet. Just as dogs need brushing and ear cleaning, oral care is important too.

I have to confess, I do not brush my dogs' teeth.

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VERO BEACH — Having a pet requires regular maintenance to keep them healthy. Annual veterinary visits and an appropriate grooming routine are vital. Brushing is just one part of sprucing your dog up. Cleaning ears and teeth are also part of good grooming practices.

A dog's ears should be light pink and free of offensive odors.

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Dear Dr. Fox:

I have just adopted a 6-month-old female Australian shepherd mix. A friend warned me that this breed can get ill and die from heartworm prevention medication. I respect his advice; he is a dog trainer and seems to know a lot. What is your opinion?

K.P., Silver Spring

DF: First, let me say that I now endorse year-round heartworm preventive medication for most dogs.

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VERO BEACH — I would like to share information about maintaining the health of your dog. There are quite a few health necessities that can improve and continue their quality of life and well being.

I recommend every dog see their veterinarian annually. In Florida, dogs need annual heartworm tests. Heartworms are transmitted by our state bird, the mosquito!

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You should groom your dog on a regular basis to keep him clean and healthy. Grooming your dog involves brushing and bathing, as well as trimming his nails and caring for his teeth. You can groom your dog yourself or take him to a professional groomer. Your dog will look and feel better when he is groomed regularly.… Read the full post here

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dog healthy. Keeping your dog healthy involves taking him to the veterinarian, meeting his exercise needs, feeding him a nutritious diet and keeping him at his optimum weight. You should take your dog to his veterinarian for annual checkups and for any required vaccinations or treatments.… Read the full post here