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YWCA will offer dog obedience training course
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YWCA will offer dog obedience training course

Eight-week class will be held on Wednesday evenings at the YWCA in Elmira

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Purebred dog breeders are at a loss after the enforcement of the rules for sending puppies to the United States changed without notice.

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) requires puppies entering the U.S. receive the rabies vaccination when they are only three months old. Following their shots, the dogs must undergo a 30 day waiting period before they can cross the border.

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A dog that was rescued from euthanization two weeks ago was shot and killed Sunday afternoon by a deputy after the dog attacked three people, including its owner and the officer.

It wasn't the first time the dog bit someone.

But as Union County Sheriff's Deputies try to trace the dog's history, animal control officers say they're running into a road block.

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VERO BEACH — I would like to share information about maintaining the health of your dog. There are quite a few health necessities that can improve and continue their quality of life and well being.

I recommend every dog see their veterinarian annually. In Florida, dogs need annual heartworm tests. Heartworms are transmitted by our state bird, the mosquito!

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As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dog healthy. Keeping your dog healthy involves taking him to the veterinarian, meeting his exercise needs, feeding him a nutritious diet and keeping him at his optimum weight. You should take your dog to his veterinarian for annual checkups and for any required vaccinations or treatments.… Read the full post here