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By Caroline Coile | Posted: January 5, 2015, 8 a.m. PST

Ernest Hemingway had a thing for cats with extra toes. It started by accident:  A ship's captain gave him a white six-toed cat. Visit the Hemingway museum today and you'll see dozens of cats each with a dozen toes on their front feet.

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Top Dog Breed

The top dog breed known as man’s best friend is out after a journalist decided to conduct a unique study. David McCandless arrived with a specific kind of dog that met the positive aspects of many characteristics involving cost, health, lifespan, intelligence, and level of maintenance (grooming, etc.).

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By Kristen Seymour |

Yorkshire TerrierWe're now well within the dog days of summer, and that got us thinking about how our furry friends handle the heat. It also made us wonder how the owners of those dogs handle the falling fur. Do they strike first by shaving their pets' coats?

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By Dogster Jun 5th 2014

If you have no idea how to train a dog, fear not! Whether you seek effective puppy house training methods or basic dog obedience training, training your dog will probably be easier than you think.

Communication and Shaking Hand - XLarge

Credit: Getty Creative


Puppy training should always focus on socialization and the prevention of unwanted behaviors.

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