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VERO BEACH — Recently I had an opportunity to do some training with Michele Pouliot. While not a well known to the general public, Michele is a champion in Canine Freestyle, a sport where you do obedience and tricks in a choreographed routine to music. In addition to her Freestyle Championships, Michele is an international assessor for guide dogs and guide dog training.

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VERO BEACH — When I think about training dogs, I like to think about cultivating behaviors. I nurture the calm, polite behaviors I like. I weed and block out the behaviors I don't like. I think most people see dog training as teaching individual actions rather than a goal of acceptable behavior.

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Always Practice While Your Dog is Hungry - You'll be using treats during exercises and your dog will do best when he's hungry.

Practice the exercise before your dog eats. If you're worried that your dog will gain weight, you can even use his dinner as his rewards.

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Have you ever seen a device or a program designed to correct a dog behavior problem that explained how smart dogs are and how they think? Most plans or gadgets enable owners, literally, to declare war on their hapless pets. Little or no concern is afforded to what the dogs happen to think about them.… Read the full post here

The kind, fair and effective way

Training a dog can be started at any age, the sooner the better. You can start simple training with your puppy as soon as he or she has settled into his/her new home. Older dogs are also receptive to training, although some may be less keen or quick to learn than a younger dog.… Read the full post here