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In recent years, there have been stories of shootings by police officers in Texas and across the country. 

A House Bill 593 has the potential to keep that from happening to your pet and it's already moving through Texas legislature. 

House members gave preliminary approval to the bill that would make it mandatory for Texas officers to go through canine encounter training. 

This comes after a young Fort Worth officer fatally shot a border collie last year, the officer was afraid of dogs and never had training to deal with one out in the field. 

"I know how my dogs behave, other people can be intimidated if they aren't familiar with my dog specifically or dogs in general and I'd hate for something to happen to my dog because somebody didn't know," says dog owner, Kat Lowry. 

Under the bill, officers would have to complete at least four hours of dog encounter training, including knowing body language of a dog, types of aggression, and how to approach a dog. 

The bill is gaining approval from several dog owners. 

"I think it would benefit the officers as well as the public that they serve because our dogs are part of our family, they're important to us," says Lowry.

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You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, as the cliché says, but you can teach almost any dog to obey basic commands, trainers and handlers agree.

It's best to begin training a dog at the puppy stage. Start when the puppy is about seven weeks old and keep the daily lessons simple and short, about five to 10 minutes long.

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“A lot of dogs are getting a bad rap,” said Lora Wood.

Wood is a member of the PAWS-tive Partners Humane Society. She and another member, Josie Lyon, have been heading up the Be Responsi-Bull campaign to educate the community about bully breeds.

Wood believes educating the public will help dispel some of the stereotypes surrounding breeds such as pit bulls and rottweilers and encourage adoption of the dogs.

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Clicks and treats a foundation for hunting dog training

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Clicks and treats a foundation for hunting dog training

Willow Creek Kennels trainer Chad Hines gets the best results using positive reinforcement

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Restless retrievers are the breed of dog most likely to go walkabout, according to new research.

They emerged at the top of a list of runaway pups compiled from a survey of 2,000 dog owners in Britain.

The breed to land in the 'runner-up' spot was the Cocker Spaniel which was followed by the Jack Russell.

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The San Diego Police Department's shooting of a 6-year-old pit bull named Burberry in Pacific Beach early Sunday morning has thousands of people demanding increased animal training for law enforcement in San Diego and elsewhere.

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More than 17,000 people so far have demanded "Justice For Burberry" on Facebook by liking a page with that name, and 20,000-plus people have signed a Change petition directed at San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other politicians to teach officers about animals across the country.

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(AP Photo/The Grand Rapids Press, Joel Bissell)

(AP Photo/The Grand Rapids Press, Joel Bissell)

AUSTIN–Grieving dog owners told House lawmakers Tuesday that animal training for police could have prevented the deaths of hundreds of beloved pets across the state.

“This training is mandatory for UPS and FedEx delivery men, why isn’t it for law enforcement?” said Cheri Scholz, who lives near Amarillo.

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Yesterday the first five of the top 10 dog breeds of 2014 as the AKC, American Kennel Club, recently announced were listed on Examiner. Today is the second half of that list, number six through 10. The American people have chosen these dogs more often than any other dog breeds out there.

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When he was an eighth grader, Erich Grasso read a passage in a book that made a lifelong impression: “Find your passion and pursue it.”

Grasso’s passion for breeding, selling and training German shepherds for police K-9 work and as pets has led to a successful career and a solid reputation with police departments all along the East Coast.

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Dog training can be a lot easier with the right help, and sometimes, that help comes in the form of devices, gizmos and treats. Here are five products that take the stress out of training:

1. Flirt pole: A flirt pole just looks like a fishing pole, with a toy tied to the end.

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