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FORT RILEY, Kan. - Soldiers from the 630th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company hosted improvised explosive device training for Military Working Dog teams on Fort Riley.

The U.S. Army EOD technicians helped five Military Working Dog (MWD) teams from the 523rd MWD Detachment to hone their lifesaving skills.

Accompanied by their handlers, three Belgian Malinois and two German Shepherds nosed their way around the simulated battlefield, locating hidden explosive hazards.

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Blixt & Co., the prominent eastern Idaho shooting estate, is hosting the renowned dog trainer Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, Miss. for a three-day intensive training workshop to acclimate dogs to guns and retrieving. What begins with basic obedience will culminate in a multiple distraction session to simulate everything the dog will have to overcome while on the hunt.

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