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The American Kennel Club's list of the top 10 dog breeds in America was released recently, so 40/29 decided to take a look at the breeds.

All of these pictures come from uLocal, and most of them were uploaded for this year's Pup Madness competition, which ended last Monday. All 10 breeds are represented in our area!

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A variety of factors go into determining the rates attached to pet insurance—a quickly growing product that’s now attracting the attention of industry entrepreneurs and regulators—not the least of which is a dog’s breed.

Certain breeds are more prone to illnesses and health conditions, while others—whether unfairly or not—are thought to be involved in more attacks against humans other animals.

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Dogs may not be able to take selfies (yet), but they still have plenty of swag on social media.

Klooff, an app that lets pet owners share photos of their cats and dogs, found the most popular dog breeds in each country based on posts to the service, as well as the biggest social media trends involving our furry friends (via Mashable).

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