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Cesar Millan
By Ruben Vives contact the reporter

Cesar Millan, the star of television’s "The Dog Whisperer," is being sued by a woman who claims she was attacked by a vicious pit bull that had been prematurely released by Millan's dog training center.

The woman, a critical care nurse in Florida, claims she suffered "disfiguring open wounds, deep muscle and tendon lacerations" and bone fractures in the Sept.

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Cesar Millan is the recent victim of a death hoax that has circulated online. Rumours of his death from a heart attack surfaced after the famous dog trainer was allegedly hospitalised.

According to Inquisitr, reports of Cesar Millan's death followed after he was supposedly hospitalised on Tuesday, Dec 2.  UNAM Noticias ran the original story of the dog trainer succumbing to death in the morning of Wednesday, Dec.

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Any episode of the "Dog Whisperer" carried a prominent warning not to attempt any of Millan's training methods on your own.

30eCesarC.jpgCesar Millan has a new cable TV show, "Cesar 911." Mills Entertainment 

I work in advertising and marketing so Cesar Millan, the so-called Dog Whisperer, intrigued me. This dog trainer had best-selling books and a hit TV show on National Geographic cable channel, and he starred in a profile in the New Yorker by Malcolm Gladwell.

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I happened upon this video on Reddit, which is going somewhat viral, called “Dont pet my dog ass hole.” [sic] which features a self-proclaimed Brooklyn dog trainer named Peter Caine going on an expletive-filled rant about why you shouldn’t pet dogs you see walking on a leash. I mean, he’s kind of got a point, if you can get past the FROTHING INSANITY of it all:

If you like, encourage the dog to come over and be petted by you, and it’s on a leash, the owner is going to have to correct the dog.

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