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Deborah Moore, head trainer at Siriusly Canine at 2726 Tinsley Ave. in Chesterfield County’s Bon Air neighborhood, is adding classes at her dog training business.

In addition to the regular one-on-one and multi-dog classes at her indoor training facility, open since mid-2012, Moore is bringing in extra trainers for a menu of specialty classes.

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As the baseball season winds down teams are battling for playoff spots. Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes and so is hunting. Right now the dogs and I are practicing a little baseball every day as our opening season approaches. Smart dog trainers play lots of baseball with their dogs but they don’t use bats and gloves.

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DERBY - The sprawling training center near the borders of Richmond, Montgomery and Moore counties has a decidedly military air.

Four-legged trainees trot along a dirt road that loops through the 125-acre facility. Others are put through drills by instructors that, in many cases, are former special operators.

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