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American Kennel Club Lists Off the Most Popular Dog Breeds Video - ABC News
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Transcript for American Kennel Club Lists Off the Most Popular Dog Breeds

The American kennel club has come out with the list of the most popular breeds.

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Gary Atlman let an English pointer named Suzie chase after a pigeon Aug. 5 in Ferdinand. ”They’re just like kids in school. Each is different,” said Gary, the Spencer County man who trains dogs as a part-time job. Sometimes, if the dog seems worn out or frustrated, he lets it finish early or have a day off.

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‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’


Professional dog trainer Leslie Garbutt Vielma clicks her training clicker to get Goober to follow her commands at the RGV K9 Training Centre in Edinburg. He wags his tail as he intently waits for her instruction. 

A few months ago, Goober was just another face peering from the bars of a kennel at the Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg.

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Michael Moore makes his way around Methodist University in Fayetteville with ease these days thanks to his guide dog Robbie -- a dog he received through the Mira foundation.

"They've changed my life," said Moore, who is blind. "It's like night and day now. Before I went to Mira I was much less confident than I am now."

He's been with Robbie for two years now.

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This muscular, medium- to heavy-boned retriever has a dense, water-repellent coat. The feathering is paler than the ground colour, which can be various shades of red, often with white markings.

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