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Photo by Bill Buckley

The last phase in Cabela’s pro staffer Jennifer Broome’s three-month retriever-training plan is called the Diving Duck—in which you’ll be working with a live bird. “Some people may not like the idea of live-bird training,” says Broome. “But this one pen-raised duck may ensure hundreds of successful and ethical retrieves.” If you don’t have a local gamebird breeder, a nearby dog trainer should be able to point you in the right direction.

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By Michele C. Hollow on Apr 7, 2014


Take a look at an old photo of the iconic German Shepherd, Rin Tin Tin, who died in 1932. Now look at a photo of another of the breed, a German shepherd show dog of today. Notice the difference?

The second photo shows a German Shepherd with a sloping back and legs splayed apart.

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If you do a Google search, you are likely to find numerous lists of dog breeds that are deemed “kid friendly.” Many of these lists are based on a breed’s temperament characteristics and size.

For instance, if a dog breed is considered “gentle,” “patient,” “low maintenance,” “hardy,” or “easy going,” that might put it on the list.

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There are many places where you can find a great dog. The type of dog you want will play a part in determining where you should get your dog. For example, if you want a purebred puppy, you should purchase your dog from a reputable breeder. If you want an adult dog, an animal shelter or a rescue group might be a better choice for you.… Read the full post here