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Gary Atlman let an English pointer named Suzie chase after a pigeon Aug. 5 in Ferdinand. ”They’re just like kids in school. Each is different,” said Gary, the Spencer County man who trains dogs as a part-time job. Sometimes, if the dog seems worn out or frustrated, he lets it finish early or have a day off.

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Jane J. Lee

Like many top athletes, Sultana trains hard and has no time for the shenanigans of younger teammates. But you won’t find her in a stadium. Sultana is a sled dog born and bred to work in the punishing winters of Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve, and she’s gearing up for another season on the trail.

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Of the 3,000 dogs featured at the Rose City Classic dog show, about 1/3 of the 175 breeds represented are considered rare, according to Patti Strand, organizer of the event.

Several of the rare breeds featured at the show are considered among breeders to be endangered, according to Strand. Breeds that lose their historic role are especially vulnerable, she said.

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By Lynn Hayner | Posted: November 20, 2014, 2 p.m. PST

Even after reading How-To books until their eyes glaze over, first-time dog owners are bound to make mistakes. As a new dog owner myself back in 1986, I floundered with dog training and communication. Suffice it to say, my first few German Shepherd Dogs were rather embarrassed to be associated with me; they’d take the lead at puppy class and I’d stumble behind.

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Author David McCandless might not realize it, but a graphic excerpted from his book Knowledge Is Beautiful: Impossible Ideas, Invisible Patterns, Hidden Connections–Visualized, is making waves amongst animal lovers … and not in a good way. The aim of this book is to collect the thousands of bits and pieces of data that we, as human beings, are bombarded with everyday and to display this information in a way that not only “makes sense” but moreover is visually beautiful.

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By Lynn Hayner | Posted: September 12, 2014, 6 a.m. PST

There are many dog breeds typically good with children.

Best 20 Dog Breeds for Kids>>

But until now I’ve never answered the question (in print at least) that my grown daughter and her husband asked me: Which one breed would you pick for a growing family?  

Dog Breeds 

First, I’ll offer the following disclaimers:

  • Good breeding counts; Although there are plenty of excellent mutts and rescue dogs that make excellent family companions
  • All dogs are individuals; generalities are only that
  • Socialization and training matter
  • Children need to learn manners with dogs
  • Dogs and children should be supervised. 

Let’s start by discussing the reality of supervised.

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By Chris Cox-Evick | Posted: September 2, 2014, 12 p.m. PST

Most trainers encourage crate confinement to prevent a young dog from getting into something dangerous or destroying valuables when unattended. But what happens when crating presents a danger to your dog? Such is the case with Laura Carr’s dog, a determined escape artist who pushes and slams against the door of her plastic crate until she forces it open.

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Purebred dog breeders are at a loss after the enforcement of the rules for sending puppies to the United States changed without notice.

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) requires puppies entering the U.S. receive the rabies vaccination when they are only three months old. Following their shots, the dogs must undergo a 30 day waiting period before they can cross the border.

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The American Kennel Club in no way, shape or form controls the quality of the purebred dogs it registers. It is a stud registry only, tracking the bloodlines of registered dogs, on paper.

There is a standard, written by the AKC for each breed, but there's no way for the AKC to know if the puppy being registered actually conforms to that standard.

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Two weeks ago state authorities busted two Lancaster County dog breeders for running an unlicensed kennel. The conditions of the filthy, matted dogs found there were so bad that they referred the case to the Pennsylvania SPCA which investigates animal cruelty.

Dog wardens root out illegal breeders every day. But on that occasion they netted John Esh, who with his son Daniel, own adjoining properties in Ronks.

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