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Any episode of the "Dog Whisperer" carried a prominent warning not to attempt any of Millan's training methods on your own.

30eCesarC.jpgCesar Millan has a new cable TV show, "Cesar 911." Mills Entertainment 

I work in advertising and marketing so Cesar Millan, the so-called Dog Whisperer, intrigued me. This dog trainer had best-selling books and a hit TV show on National Geographic cable channel, and he starred in a profile in the New Yorker by Malcolm Gladwell.

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"People think cages are cruel. Yet, a 'cage' – the impolite word for 'crate' – is an ideal hangout when the dog is learning how to behave."

DOG JUMP FEATUREA boxer huffs and puffs his way over a jump during a dog agility competition. Good dog training starts with house breaking, and using a crate helps.
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