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Old Danish Pointer

By the standards of most pointers, this dog is not tall, but it is nevertheless a robust animal, well-balanced, with muscular thighs, a heavy head, and a long and powerful neck with dewlap. Its short coat is brown and white in colour, some ticking being permitted.

History of Old Danish Pointer

The origins of the Old Danish Pointer are uncertain, but it may have resulted from crossings between Spanish Pointers, brought to Denmark by gypsies, and local bloodhound breeds. The breed is little known outside its Danish homeland.


Its excellent scenting abilities makes it ideal for tracking wounded animals.

Other Names of Old Danish Pointer: Gammel Dansk Honsehund.

Identification keys of Old Danish Pointer

  • long, pendent ears, rounded at tips
  • broad forehead
  • some ticking evident in coat
  • broad, straight back
  • tapering tail, thick at base
  • long neck with dewlap
  • broad, muscular chest
  • short, dense coat
  • well-developed powerful thighs

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