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Of bichon stock, this tiny, attractive dog has a long, silky, pure-white coat which contrasts starkly with its dark, oval-shaped eyes and black eye rims.

The coat may have slight lemon-coloured markings, notably in the vicinity of the head.

History of Maltese

Possibly the oldest of Europe’s toy breeds, the ancestors of the Maltese were thought to have been introduced to Malta by the Phoenicians. This lively, intelligent breed has since attracted countless generations of enthusiastic owners.


Belying its “chocolate-box” appearance, this dog, once called a Maltese Terrier, was a renowned rat-catcher.

Other Names of Maltese: Bichon Maltiase.

Identification keys of Maltese

  • stop is centred between tip of nose and occiput
  • pure black nose
  • dark brown eyes
  • long, straight coat should not impede the dog's action

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