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Letter: Bill protecting dangerous dog breed owners is unfair – Norwich Bulletin

There’s legislation (HB 5361) headed for a vote in the House, forcing insurance companies to cover people who choose to own dangerous dog breeds and prohibit higher premiums for owners of dangerous dog breeds. Insurance company representatives testified that rates will go up for all policy holders, regardless of whether they own a poodle, a pit bull or no dog at all, if this bill becomes law.

Rates will skyrocket for property management companies, homeowners and individuals with renters insurance. Even worse, disfiguring and fatal maulings will increase as those who choose to own dangerous dog breeds will be free to do so, and be fully insured.

On average, more than 30 Americans per year suffered fatal dog attacks over the past 10 years. In 62 percent of cases, pit bulls were responsible. More than one-third of homeowners’ liability claims involve dog bites. A single claim can cost $500,000 or more. If HB 5361 becomes law, dog-related claims will enter the stratosphere.

This is a classic case of special interests running over the silent majority. Those of us who choose not to own dangerous dog breeds — in other words, the majority — should not be forced to subsidize those who do.




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