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Kooiker Dog

This lightly-built, well-proportioned dog has well-feathered ears, a slightly wavy, moderate-length coat, and pronounced fringing to the ears, legs, chest, and tail. In general appearance it is not unlike a small setter with a long, bushy tail.

History of Kooiker Dog

This breed is well known in the Netherlands and is reputed to have foiled an assassination attempt on Prince William II of Orange (1626-1650) by barking and waking him just in time.


The bushy tail of the Kooiker is used to lure wild ducks so that they can be banded and then released.

Other Names of Kooiker Dog: Kooikerhondje.

Identification keys of Kooiker Dog

  • ears set high on head
  • conspicuous black nose
  • white blaze on face
  • well-feathered ears with black tips
  • medium-lenght, wavy coat
  • well-feathered forelegs

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