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Italian Greyhound

A miniature form of the Greyhound, this breed is far less fragile than it looks. It has a gait similar to the larger dog’s, and the same rapid acceleration, facilitated by long, muscular hindquarters. The long, graceful neck heightens its refined air.

History of  Italian Greyhound

This breed has survived since the time of the pharaohs. More recently, however, it has suffered from the introduction of English Toy Terrier blood.


Similar dogs have been found, mummified, in Egyptian tombs.

Other Names of Italian Greyhound: Piccolo Levrieri Italiani.

Identification keys of Italian Greyhound

  • ears well back on head
  • flat and narrow skull
  • elegant arched back slopes down over hindquarters
  • deep, narrow chest
  • longish tail carried low
  • thin, glossy coat with satin-like texture
  • straight, fine boned forelegs

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