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Irish Setter

In spite of its formal name, the Irish Setter is often better known simply as the Red Setter, due to its distinctive coloration. Built on racier lines than its red and white cousin, it is a lively, active dog, perpetually ready for fun. It is popular as a pet but must have plenty of exercise. To ensure obedience it requires more training than other similar breeds, but in the end the Irish Setter should become a superb working companion.

History of Irish Setter

The breed evolved in Ireland, where Irish Water Spaniels, Gordon Setters, and Springer Spaniels are all believed to have played a part in its development.


A small amount of white on the chest is quite common, and will not lead to disqualification from a show ring.

Other Names of Irish Setter: Red Setter.

Identification keys of Irish Setter

  • ears hang close to head
  • square muzzle
  • long, muscular neck
  • feathered, low set tail
  • deep, narrow chest
  • straight, sinewy forelegs
  • long, fine feathering on back of legs

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