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Irish Red and White Setter


Well-proportioned and athletic, the Irish Red and White Setter is a powerful, good-natured dog. Similar to the Irish Setter, it is more heavily built with a broader head and a more prominent occipital peak. The finely-textured, feathered coat has a pure white ground colour with solid red patches. Some mottling or flecking is common; roaning, however, is frowned upon in show circles. Setters are renowned for their highly developed sense of smell and ability to excel at any kind of hunting in any type of terrain or weather conditions.

History of Irish Red and White Setter

Originally called the Particoloured Setter, this hardy breed derives from the same root-stock as the graceful Irish Setter. Although the Irish Red and White Setter is an excellent working dog in the field, it came very close to extinction before undergoing a revival in recent years.


The Irish Red and White Setter makes an affectionate family pet, but requires a great deal of exercise and rigorous training.

Identification keys of Irish Red and White Setter

  • domed skull
  • solid red patches
  • slightly arched muscular neck
  • muscular back
  • trong, well-feathered tail carried level with, or below, back
  • slightly wavy coat
  • long ears set close to head

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    Red setters are only smaller and have less hair, a bit like english setters, there's a field and bench kind. the field varieties tend to own additional energy.

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