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Interested in Becoming a Dog Trainer? – TWC News

David Wilbert always had a way with animals and decided to give up practicing law to work with dogs and open Sit Means Sit dog training, focusing on a fundamental philosophy.

"Sit Means Sit is an attention based dog training system.  We don't believe you can teach a dog anything if you can't get their attention through distraction.  So that's our number one priority, is overcoming severe distraction. Our goal is to maintain consistency from our classes to home life," said Wilbert.

David’s dog Nova, is a 2-year-old rescued Belgian Malinois, with more energy than most people can handle. She of course has mastered sit, stay and come.

"Come on command.  If they can come back to you they can stay and you can keep them from a lot of destructive behaviors and jumping on people.  It will keep them the safest," said Wilbert.

But Nova also knows a few more challenging and acrobatic moves. However, David says, of all the commands to teach your dog -- “come” is the most crucial.

Becoming a dog trainer isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. You need to do your own research, be disciplined and get your own training.


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