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German Spaniel

Although somewhat similar in appearance to the English Springer Spaniel, the German Spaniel is slightly shorter in the leg. This versatile dog operates as a talented retriever, often working in marshland. It resembles hounds in that it is also highly respected as a tracker.

History of German Spaniel

Various breeds contributed to its development, including the old German Stöber.


Essentially a working dog, this breed is not normally kept as a pet in Germany.

Other Names of German Spaniel:Deutscher Wachtelhund.

Identification keys of German Spaniel

  • predominantly smooth coat on head
  • broad, brown nose with large nostrils
  • pendent ears covered with longer hair
  • body is long compared with its height
  • slight feathering on tail
  • elongated, but not pointed muzzle
  • fethering present on backs of forelegs
  • long ears hang back, behind eyes
  • thick, medium-length, wavy coat

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