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Dutch Partridge Dog

The coat of this medium-sized, strongly built breed appears long, mainly because of fringes present on the ears. These extend down the neck, and on the legs and tail. When walking, the tail is extended horizontally, and is slightly curled at the tip, but it is held down when the dog is at rest.

History of Dutch Partridge Dog

This breed originated in the Drentse district of the Netherlands; it probably stems from the same ancestral stock as today’s spaniels and setters. It frequently hunts pheasants and rabbits, as well as partridges.


The Dutch Partridge Dog tends to rotate its tail in a circle when it has located game.

Other Names of Dutch Partridge Dog: Drentse Partijshond.

Identification keys of Dutch Partridge Dog

  • fringes on ears
  • strong, sturdy legs with thick pads on feet
  • coarse, straight coat

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