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Dog Training: Using Polite Phrases Teaches Your Dogs To Be Well-Mannered – Headlines & Global News

Go beyond saying "good boy!" for positive reinforcement.

By Rachel Cruz | Jan 25, 2016 04:56 AM EST

Dog Training Polite Phrases

Dog training using polite phrases teaches dogs to become pleasant and well-mannered pets. (Photo : Getty Images)

Everyone loves a well-mannered dog and, like humans, dogs can learn to become polite furry beings. Use these three phrases constantly to help condition the way they behave:

Saying "Thank you."

Voicing gratitude for following your command or doing something good - like being quiet when you had guests at home - can make dogs feel good, too. Many pet owners and dog trainers believe that dogs understand the concept of gratitude, given their loyalty for their masters, according to Naples News. Dogs show their gratitude whenever they wag their tails or assert their protection for their owners, according to Cesar's Way. Keep saying "thank you" to reinforce positive behavior.

Saying "Please."

Telling your dog "please" makes the command a more positive one and it eases off the frustration from the sound of your voice, as opposed to simply ordering them around. Dogs take cues from the "prosody" in your speech - its rhythm, intonation and stress - according to the Bark. With the right prosody, dogs can be calmed, motivated or trained to do something well.

Saying "I'm sorry."

Apologizing to your dog when you've accidentally stepped on her tail shows you're acknowledging your mistake and not blaming the dog for it. While dogs do not hold grudges, the accident could leave your dog hurt or threatened. However, if you apologize each time this happens, they will be able to tell that your action was not intended. Chances are, the next time you're around them, they will also be careful when move or walking around you, so that you won't trip, according to 7x7.

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