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Dog Training on the Streets – The Bark (blog)

In dog training, we often say, "what you click is what you get," meaning the behavior you reward will be repeated again. This is true in humans and canines, yet people typically rely on punishment to control behavior in every day life. It may be unrealistic to eliminate giving tickets to speeders or time outs to rowdy kids, but what if we could use successful principles from reinforcement based dog training to increase desirable behaviors in people? One town in New Hampshire is doing an experiment to explore just that.

This winter, the Farmington, N.H. police department, began an experiment to increase desirable habits, like people walking their dogs on leash and using crosswalks. The officers began randomly handing out gift cards for free pizza and fries to people abiding by the rules.  

Police Chief Jay Drury came up with the idea after watching a man make his way to a crosswalk despite this winter's heavy snow. He wanted to reward the man for his perseverance, but didn't quite know how. That's when he teamed up with local convenience store Crowley's Variety & Grill and began the gift card program.

So far the initiative has been well received and they even gained a second sponsor, Holy Rosary Credit Union. By recognizing good behavior, the officers are building a new level of trust with the community, while getting citizens to think twice before breaking the law.

We can get so stuck focusing on bad behavior that it can be good to push ourselves to notice the good!


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