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Dog trainer says your dog may not know its name – KFDI

Your dog might not know its name.

The group OneMind Dogs, which teaches communication skills for dog training, has a few tips on how to "speak puppy."

Many dogs think their name is "No," because it's the word they hear the most when they're growing up. The group says you should use your puppy's name often to make a connection.

Different dogs like different things, and a treat to one dog might not motivate another. Some dogs prefer meat or cheese, while others may enjoy playing with a squeaky toy more than food. OneMind says you should test what works and get to know your puppy.

The other tips have more to do with training your dog or teaching it specific tricks. You're encouraged to start training indoors, with few distractions, then move outside. Exercises before feeding your puppy can also help them remember their training.

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