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Chinese Crested Dog

This nimble little dog comes in two varieties. One form, the Hairless, only has hair as a crest on its head and toes, and a plume on its tail. The Powder Puff variety is covered with long, soft hair.

Both are found in a mixture of colours.

History of Chinese Crested Dog

Known for centuries in China, this dog first came to prominence in the Han dynasty, but was not exhibited in the West until the Westminster Show in New York in 1885. It was not until 1975 that a specialist breed club was established in the USA.


The texture of the skin of the Hairless should be smooth and fine-grained. This dog is vulnerable to sunburn.

Identification keys of Chinese Crested Dog

  • ears are normally erect
  • long, slightly rounded skull
  • deep broad chest
  • skin may be plain or spotted, and may lighten in summer
  • Powder Puff has undercoat and a soft veil of long hair
  • long tapering, fairly straight tail
  • ears sometimes droop under weight of hair
  • no hair above first joint of leg
  • hairless body
  • hare-like feet

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