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Frequently described as a spaniel, in behaviour the rather square-built Brittany appears to have more in common with the setters, certainly in terms of height. It is not a particularly gainly dog, the legs appearing rather out of proportion to the body. The tail is naturally short in length, but it is customarily docked to a maximum length of 10cm (4in).

History of Brittany

An old breed, it underwent a revival in its native France in the early 1900s.

It has since become popular in the USA.


A good all-rounder in the field, the Brittany can hunt,  point, and retrieve.

Other names of Brittany: Epagneul Breton.

Identification keys of Brittany

  • nostrils enable scent to be detected more easily
  • medium-length, tapering muzzle
  • rather short ears, with rounded tips
  • maximum tail length is 10cm (4in)
  • broad hindquarters
  • height at withers corresponds to length of body
  • stifles well bent, feathering extends to mid-thigh
  • strong, yet relatively small, feet with thick pads

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  1. Kelly Wiebke

    We simply had to place our beloved brittany "Abby" down, she was the sweetest dog ever! She was four years old once we got her, therefore she had "settled down" to a small degree bit however she still loved to go for looong walks daily and was nice with our cats children. Not extremely protecting, terribly friendly.

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