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The most distinctive feature of the alert, finely built Basenji becomes apparent only when it is disturbed: instead of barking like other dogs, it has unique yodelling and chortling calls.

History of Basenji

The Basenji was developed as a hunting dog in the Congo and it may be related to similar dogs portrayed on ancient Egyptian artefacts. The breed caused a sensation when it was first shown at Crufts, in England, in 1937. The owner called them “basenji”, which is an African word for “bush thing”.

Video of the Basenji


Green vegetables are favoured by these dogs and should form part of their regular diet. Bitches come on heat only once a year instead of twice.

Other Names of Basenji: Congo Dog.

Identification keys of Basenji

  • wrinkled forehead
  • tightly curled tail
  • pointed, erect ears
  • very fine, short sleek coat
  • legs are long compared with body lenght

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2 thoughts on “Basenji

  1. Hannah

    We LOVE our basenji, Remi- she is such a personality & likes to entertain folks. These dogs have such a temperament. The "puppy years" were powerful, attempting to coach & establish rules & boundaries for her, since she gave the impression to assume she was the boss 🙂 however as a puppy she ne'er chewed or destroyed something apart from her toys. She would, however, like to get ahold of the neighborhood cats therefore I continually keep her on a leash. Remi loves everyone, has ne'er met a intruder & gets on well with the other dog she's ever met. These dogs are not for everybody, however like any dog, those that area unit trained, socialized, wanted & exercized area unit the simplest ones.

  2. Michelle

    We saved our basenji Amee Jo from a puppy mill, and she has such a lot like to provide. She perpetually is talking to the family. we tend to such a lot would like to get another one.

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