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Baseball and advanced dog training – The Sun

As the baseball season winds down teams are battling for playoff spots. Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes and so is hunting. Right now the dogs and I are practicing a little baseball every day as our opening season approaches. Smart dog trainers play lots of baseball with their dogs but they don’t use bats and gloves. For them it’s the infield practice that helps form a good dog.

The older trainers play baseball. To younger trainers it’s also called Mini-T. You start out with a dog sitting on the pitcher’s mound. You have already taught the dog to fetch and stay. You can either have a pile of training dummies at first base or you toss a training dummy to first base and then give the dog the voice command to fetch. After a short time the dog learns to fetch the dummy at first base. Now you add a hand signal to head the dog to first base from the mound. It’s also time to replace the fetch command with the OVER command, along with the hand signal. That is called the chaining command.

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