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American Cocker Spaniel

Smaller than its English counterpart, and with a much longer coat, the American Cocker Spaniel was developed in the USA in the last century.

A black American Cocker must be jet black, with no trace of brown or liver shadings.To be classified as black and tan, tan markings must comprise no less than 10 per cent of the coat. The colour “tan” can vary from shades of cream to dark red.

History of American Cocker Spaniel

This dog was bred from English Cocker Spaniels taken to the USA. It was first recognized as a separate breed in 1946.


This keen and industrious breed specialized in retrieving quails.

Other names of American Cocker Spaniel:  Cocker Spaniel.

Identification keys of American Cocker Spaniel

  • clearly defined stop
  • rounded head shape
  • lobular ears
  • muscular, wellboned hindquarters
  • profuse covering of wavy or flat silky hair
  • rounded, firm feet with thick pads

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