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13 Cuddliest Dog Breeds –

As the weather gets colder, one creative way to warm up is to snuggle with a cuddly canine. So, next time there’s a chill in the air, build a fire, grab a blanket and get cozy with one of these affectionate breeds!

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that dogs are individuals and not all Bichons and Great Danes will want to snuggle with you. Don’t be offended if this is the case; sometimes dogs just need their own space.

From lap dogs to gentle giants, here are 13 dog breeds that often like to cuddle.

1. Pug – Pugs are generally little love bugs. Bred as companions for Chinese nobility, nowadays members of this charming and affectionate breed can often be found following their favorite humans from room to room. And if they share the bed with you, you might want to invest in some earplugs — Pugs can be champion snorers.

2. Boxer — Don’t let their worried expressions fool you. Boxers are a loyal, loving breed generally happy to spend quality time snuggling with you. Of course, you shouldn’t let Boxers be total couch potatoes. This active breed needs appropriate outlets for their energy such as long walks, games of fetch and dog sports.

3. Welsh Springer Spaniel — Want a dog who sticks to you like Velcro? Look no further than the Welsh Springer Spaniel. Like many Spaniels, Welshies are typically affectionate, gentle dogs devoted to their families. But, just because this breed tends to be cuddly, doesn’t mean they are lazy. Welsh Springer Spaniels need daily exercise and plenty of mental stimulation.

4. Greyhound — It’s hard to believe Greyhounds can run up to 44 miles per hour, considering the favorite activity for many of them seems to be doing nothing at all. Give a Greyhound a soft, cozy place to rest and he will adore you.

5. Bichon Frise — Spend time with a Bichon Frise and you will never be bored. Bred as circus dogs, most Bichons can learn an arsenal of tricks. When he’s not entertaining you with his charming antics, he’ll be lounging in your lap. Thankfully, his curly coat doesn’t shed much, but you’ll need to brush it every day so it doesn’t get matted.

6. Mastiff — At 120 to 230 pounds, the Mastiff is one giant (and heavy) lap dog. Don’t be surprised to find him curled up at your feet or leaning on you. But be prepared to plug your nose a lot, as Mastiffs have been known to clear rooms with their flatulence.

7. Xoloitzcuintli — As a hairless breed, it makes sense that the Xoloitzuintli tends to be fond of snuggling with her favorite humans. How else is he going to get warm on a cold winter’s night? And cuddling with a Xolo even benefits you. According to legend, the breed is thought to ward off evil spirits and heal ailments like toothaches, arthritis and insomnia.

8. Boston Terrier — The Boston Terrier is a breed who usually loves to be loved. He’s happy to get comfy on the sofa or snuggle up with you in bed. And best of all, he doesn’t shed too much, so you don’t need to worry about your furniture becoming covered in fur after a marathon cuddle session.

9. Newfoundland — With his docile temperament, friendly face and fluffy coat, the Newfoundland practically begs to be hugged and snuggled. The gentle giant thinks he’s a lap dog and can often be found sitting or leaning on his favorite people. You might want to wear a napkin or bib when you cuddle with Newfies — they are famous for slobbering.

10. English Toy Spaniel — The English Toy Spaniel is a breed that typically loves to be with people… all the time. He tends to be content to sit by your side (or lap) and simply enjoy your presence. This breed usually adores human companionship, so it might not be the best choice if you are away at the office every day or can’t bring your dog to work.

11. Australian Shepherd — Australian Shepherd’s are known for their exuberance and athleticism but when given a chance, they will usually get as close to you as possible — whether  sitting on your feet, leaning on your legs or, yes, sitting in your lap.

12. Great Dane – Even if your couch isn’t really big enough to accommodate a 110 to 190 pound Great Dane, the gentle, giant will still probably find a way to snuggle with you. He might even let other pets share the couch too, as long as he’s raised with them.

13. Rat Terrier — Recognized by the AKC in 2013, the Rat Terrier is generally a wonderful snuggle and travel buddy. In fact, truckers and RV enthusiasts often bring these dogs along for the ride. While he appreciates a good cuddle, Ratties also have lots of energy and need to be engaged with play, training and exercise.

By Laura Cross |

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