Of the 3,000 dogs featured at the Rose City Classic dog show, about 1/3 of the 175 breeds represented are considered rare, according to Patti Strand, organizer of the event.

Several of the rare breeds featured at the show are considered among breeders to be endangered, according to Strand. Breeds that lose their historic role are especially vulnerable, she said.

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The American Kennel Club in no way, shape or form controls the quality of the purebred dogs it registers. It is a stud registry only, tracking the bloodlines of registered dogs, on paper.

There is a standard, written by the AKC for each breed, but there's no way for the AKC to know if the puppy being registered actually conforms to that standard.

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The Field Spaniel has a long body in relation to its height, and a silky, flat coat. The breed was originally divided into two categories, the lighter of which became the Cocker Spaniel.… Read the full post here