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Ken Hedler 9:45 p.m. MST January 9, 2015

STG 0110 Puitbull 01.JPG

Pitbulls at the St. George Animal Shelter await adoption as the breed popularity declines. Jan. 9, 2015.(Photo: Chris Caldwell / The Spectrum & Daily News)

ST. GEORGE – A new state law that bars municipalities from banning specific dog breeds, such as pit bulls, enjoys the support of animal control officials from three area jurisdictions.

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"Some of you can remember the day when it wasn’t pit bulls," King earlier testified. "It was German Shepherds. They were associated with World War II and Germans and being attack dogs. That went out of style. Then it became Dobermans and Rottweilers. They were the stigmatized breed. Now it’s pit bulls."

For example, South Jordan — the major opponent to the new law — had passed a ban on pit bulls after a 1997 attack on a girl who was walking home.

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