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You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, as the cliché says, but you can teach almost any dog to obey basic commands, trainers and handlers agree.

It's best to begin training a dog at the puppy stage. Start when the puppy is about seven weeks old and keep the daily lessons simple and short, about five to 10 minutes long.

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Clicks and treats a foundation for hunting dog training

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Clicks and treats a foundation for hunting dog training

Willow Creek Kennels trainer Chad Hines gets the best results using positive reinforcement

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Tribune Staff 10:05 p.m. MDT March 16, 2015

Obedience classes for all levels of dogs from puppies on up starts soon.(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)


Obedience classes for all levels of dogs from puppies on up starts soon. Beginning classes start on Tuesday, March 24, with collar fitting.

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Saxon Eastman TODAY contributor

12 hours ago

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TODAY's Puppy With a Purpose is making some serious strides! 

Wrangler sported a new (and adorable) look Wednesday: a new "puppy jacket," which is a big milestone in his progress toward becoming a guide dog.

Wrangler wore it well on the plaza Wednesday morning, right before he found a little used gum to chew — and quickly spit out!

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Among all the pups at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show last weekend, one unusual member stood out.

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Amy’s owner, Lori Stock, told the Seattle Times that after she welcomed Amy into her home, she realized she needed to find activities for her to do.

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Dog training can be a lot easier with the right help, and sometimes, that help comes in the form of devices, gizmos and treats. Here are five products that take the stress out of training:

1. Flirt pole: A flirt pole just looks like a fishing pole, with a toy tied to the end.

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Published: Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 10:44 AM.

The Shelby Parks and Recreation Department and DogSports Unlimited will sponsor several dog classes beginning March 19.

The classes include puppy kindgergarten, teaching puppies basic obedience as well as socialization; adult manners, basic obedience and problem-solving skills; and pet therapy, teaching the skills necessary to pass the therapy dog certification test so that you and your dog can bring joy to others.

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labs file

Cuteness incorporated: Labrador retriever puppies. Labs are the favorite dog breed in West Palm Beach, according to the American Kennel Club. (Post file photo)

There’s not a purse puppy among them.

In West Palm Beach, we prefer big dogs, with one exception, according to the American Kennel Club which just released the list of America’s most popular dogs by regions.

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Nine-year-old Macey Crum takes her dachshund, Rocket, through part of an agility course. Macey hopes to compete in dog agility some day, according to her mom, Sara. Photo by Laurelle Walsh

By Laurelle Walsh

Puppies, dogs and their humans are learning positive social behavior, obedience and agility skills out of the snow this winter thanks to Three Rivers Dog Training’s new year-round training facility.

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There are few more "snorts" at a dog training class.

Amy the pig has joined the class at the Family Dog Training Center near Seattle. The dog barking has turned to stares and confusion as the corgis, collies, and labs gaze with interest.

"The first time she saw and heard Amy, she kind of looked at me, and looked back at Amy like, what kind of dog is that?" dog owner Paula Kurtz told ABC affiliate KOMO-TV.

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