The illustrator Sharon Tancredi says that she's always loved the anthropomorphic images of dogs portrayed by C.M. Coolidge, the artist best known for his depictions of canines playing cards while doffed up in human clothes. Born in the United States but now based in the United Kingdom, Sharon's own work might not showcase her hounds enjoying quite such old-fashioned gentlemanly pursuits, but she says that she strives to take an equally stylized approach to the medium as she attempts to bring though the inherent character of each of her furry subjects.

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This dainty little dog is closely related to the Phalene, but it can easily be distinguished by its erect ears. Its name, Papillon, the French for “butterfly”, refers to the shape of its ears.… Read the full post here

Closely related to the Papillon the Phalene can be readily distinguished from it by its ears, which hang down on the sides of its head.… Read the full post here