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A Des Moines nonprofit raises, trains and places service dogs typically with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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A civilian is now getting the chance to work with a service dog through Paws and Effect.

Tom Bowen was a firefighter in West Virginia who went directly to Manhattan, New York to volunteer for two months after the World Trade Center towers collapsed.

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By Annabel Fenwick Elliot For

Published: 13:01 EST, 17 March 2015 | Updated: 13:14 EST, 17 March 2015

Famed pet photographer Sophie Gamand has unveiled her latest project, this time throwing hairless dog breeds into a different and more flattering light than we are used to.

French-born Ms Gamand, who is based in New York, explains on her website: 'With this series, I wanted to explore the unique beauty of hairless dogs who are often mocked or called "ugly".

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Irish wolfhounds
By Gwendolyn Purdom RedEye contact the reporter

Turns out Chicago’s Irish population is bigger—and significantly furrier—than we thought. In fact, when it comes to cities with an influx of Celtic canines, a new survey from dog-sitting site suggests Chicago is one of the country’s luckiest. The Windy City ranked sixth in the 2015 survey’s list of cities with most Irish dog breeds, behind San Francisco, Boston, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles.

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Mixed breeds, designer dogs and Yorkies are New York's most popular dog breeds, according to Pets Best Insurance Services.

According to the insurance company's records of its clients, New York dog owners tend to choose smaller dog breeds compared to other states.

Cats are a popular choice for major metropolitan areas, but only one cat to every four dogs is insured in New York, the company said.

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December 18, 2014 7:38 AM

NEW YORK — A Spanish farm and fishing dog, a Sicilian rabbit-hunting breed, an Italian sheepdog with a distinctive matted coat and a rugged South African watchdog are joining the American Kennel Club pack.

The kennel club announced Wednesday that the Spanish water dog, the Cirneco dell’Etna (cheer-NAY-koh-dehl-eht-nah), the Bergamasco and the Boerboel (BUHR’-buhl) will become recognized breeds Jan.

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London-based data journalist and information designer David McCandless has created some of the most thought-provoking data visualizations of the past few years. Now, he turns his hand to a decidedly more lighthearted (but every bit as important) topic: What dog breed is quantitatively the best?

The data viz world loves analyzing dogs.

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By Meagan McGinnes Staff

November 15, 2014 12:48 PM

It takes more than obedience and good breeding to become a service dog. At Guiding Eyes, a New York–based nonprofit that provides guide dogs free of charge to the visually impaired, the training takes years.

It begins at eight weeks, when the pups—specifically bred by Guiding Eyes—are paired with volunteers who teach them basic obedience and house manners.

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Deborah Gates, DelmarvaNow 8:02 p.m. EDT October 8, 2014

le- ECI vet dogs 8884.jpgBuy Photo

Eastern Correctional Institution inmate and dog trainer Jay Laury demonstrates a carry task with Cubby, a puppy in the America's Vet Dogs program. Inmates completed a year-long training with the future service dogs then said farewell to their first pair of canine graduates.

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Washington: A new research has revealed that dog breeds gain more popularity from movies featuring them.

New study from the University of Bristol, the City University of New York, and Western Carolina University showed that movies' influence was strongest in the early twentieth century and has declined since.


(Buddy from the film Air Bud)

The researchers used data from the American Kennel Club, which maintains the world's largest dog registry totaling over 65 million dogs, and analyzed a total of 87 movies that featured dogs.

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This nimble little dog comes in two varieties. One form, the Hairless, only has hair as a crest on its head and toes, and a plume on its tail. The Powder Puff variety is covered with long, soft hair.… Read the full post here