By Orlan Love, The Gazette

Published: April 21 2014 | 8:00 am in Front Rotator, Government, News,

NORTH LIBERTY — Dog enthusiasts are partnering with the state to revitalize a wildlife area while enhancing their own opportunities to train and enjoy time with their best friends.

“We’ve got about five years’ worth of projects lined up right now,” said Jason Hedlund, vice president of the Eastern Iowa Hunting Retriever Association, which is spearheading the effort to upgrade about 300 acres on the south edge of the state’s 13,708-acre Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area.

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Always Practice While Your Dog is Hungry - You'll be using treats during exercises and your dog will do best when he's hungry.

Practice the exercise before your dog eats. If you're worried that your dog will gain weight, you can even use his dinner as his rewards.

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