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Dogs are often used in search-and-rescue operations, drug busts and bomb threat cases, and training is vital in keeping them, and their trainers, at the top of their game.

To help ensure that dogs and handlers have the most up-to-date information, Albany police officer Kyle McCraith — a canine handler for nearly 20 years — along with several dog trainers and other experts in November formed the New York State Canine Association, which provides instruction to its members for free.

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Most people will agree that cats and dogs are a breed apart, but there are certain dog breeds that behave more like cats than dogs. As noted in Pet360 and the American Kennel Club (AKC), these breeds are independent, quieter and content to sit and observe. If you’re torn between getting a cat or dog, you might consider adopting one of the following breeds:


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By Maegan Murray

Hermiston Herald

Inmates at Two Rivers Correctional Institution will start training dogs beginning next month.

Beginning next month, dogs who may have had a “ruff” go of things will be given a second chance from an unlikely group also getting a second chance to do some good.

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Regardless of what breed of dog you have, some basic obedience training is the first step. You want your dog to come when it is called, and it shouldn’t be jumping up on people. Both of these examples can be real safety issues.

Sally Jo Hoaglund, of rural North Platte, has been training and caring for dogs for over three decades.

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Though many new dog owners seek out small breeds for their first pups, not everyone wants to go that route. Some folks are just big dog people — a little dog simply won’t do.

We looked at our survey of 218 veterinary professionals (including veterinarians, veterinary technicians and office managers) to get their takes on the best large breed dogs for the inexperienced.

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A Jacksonville woman is taking her passion for dogs to the business level.

Dee Goings will open Peace, Light & Love for Dogs, a training, behavioral modification and day care center for canines, on Jan. 2 in the former R & M Appliances building at 600 S. Diamond St.

“I do force-free dog training,” Goings said.

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2014-12-04T08:00:00Z Dog boarding, training facility planned for Warren Street Glens Falls Post-Star

GLENS FALLS -- A top-of-the-line dog boarding and training facility is expected to open next year at the corner of Warren Street and Oakland Avenue.

The business will include six luxury boarding suites featuring a bed, sofa, television, private backyard play area and an Internet camera to allow to owners to see their dog.

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London-based data journalist and information designer David McCandless has created some of the most thought-provoking data visualizations of the past few years. Now, he turns his hand to a decidedly more lighthearted (but every bit as important) topic: What dog breed is quantitatively the best?

The data viz world loves analyzing dogs.

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  • By Sue Furman
  • Originally published August 18, 2014 at 5 p.m., updated August 18, 2014 at 5 p.m.

About 10 percent of Americans are allergic to dogs and have reactions ranging from itchy eyes to asthma attacks.

Dog dander is the primary culprit that sets off the allergic responses.

Although no dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic, several breeds shed little, produce less dander and are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

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2014-08-15T23:40:00Z 2014-08-15T23:46:04Z These dog breeds are especially compatible with seniorsMetro Services Journal Times

Pets often make ideal companions. They are around when a person needs support, they can provide protection for those living alone, they're always willing to lend an ear to problems, and many tend to offer unconditional love.

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