VERO BEACH — Trimming your dogs toe nails should be a part of routine pet care. From the stories people tell me, it seems nail care is anything but routine. Just as we teach our dogs to sit or come, we can and should teach our pets to accept nail trimming.

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By Jessica Remitz | Pet360

Image: Zelena via ShutterstockImage: Zelena via ShutterstockWhile the origins of our beloved pups may be contested among historians and dog lovers alike, some breeds are can trace their roots from ancient Egypt to the first Americans. We've asked Certified Animal Behavior Consultant Steve Dale to share the oldest breeds known to man.

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With busy work days and packed weekend schedules, sometimes we all need to take a cue from our pups and do one thing - relax. While it may seem impossible to calm down and chill out for some people (and dogs!), others can hit the "relax" button fairly quickly.

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If you do a Google search, you are likely to find numerous lists of dog breeds that are deemed “kid friendly.” Many of these lists are based on a breed’s temperament characteristics and size.

For instance, if a dog breed is considered “gentle,” “patient,” “low maintenance,” “hardy,” or “easy going,” that might put it on the list.

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This spaniel-like breed has a slightly elongated but well-balanced body, a wide head, and a muzzle tapering towards the nose. Its coat is long, sleek, and well feathered, and is seen in dappled colours of black, brown, orange, and blue.… Read the full post here

Although somewhat similar in appearance to the English Springer Spaniel, the German Spaniel is slightly shorter in the leg. This versatile dog operates as a talented retriever, often working in marshland. It resembles hounds in that it is also highly respected as a tracker.… Read the full post here

Although small in stature, the Lhasa Apso is a hardy dog, has a fine sense of hearing, and makes an excellent watchdog. While the name “Lhasa” probably refers to the capital of Tibet “apso” may mean “goat-like” - a reference to this breed’s long, coarse coat. The luxuriant coat is its most distinctive feature.… Read the full post here

Often confused with the Tibetan Lhasa Apso, the Chinese Shih Tzu has a denser, slightly wavy coat and a face that has been described as similar to a chrysanthemum. This impression is given by the tendency of the hair on the bridge of the dog’s nose to grow upwards. Generally, this facial hair is tied up on the top of its head.… Read the full post here

One of the newest breeds to enter the dog world, the Kyi Leo is a small, solidly built animal with a profuse covering of long hair and an alert, friendly face. Usual coat coloration is black and white, but other colours are also commonly seen.… Read the full post here