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This week we’ve been exploring a series of reports about service dogs and therapy dogs that have been trained by prison inmates. A program called paws4people has been partnering with West Virginia state prisons for the last few years. For the final part of this story,  we learn about a service dog named Mason who was trained in a state prison in Mason County, West Virginia.

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CINCINNATI - When I talk to pet owners about feeding as the form of training, with food chew or activity toys, they often are surprised. Putting food in a bowl and walking away is such a natural thing to do. 

However, let’s think about that. When food is placed in a bowl, often the dog either gobbles it up quickly or will leave it in the bowl to graze on throughout the day.

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A Houston County judge ordered a Pansey man to serve 25 consecutive weekends in jail for the failure to perform services promised as part of an area dog training business.

Circuit Court Judge Michael Conaway gave David Andrew Bynum, 26, of Pansey, a five-year term of probation for his multiple felony charges.

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"Karma The Newshound" catches some z's in the newsroom during Take Your Dog To Work Day, 2013.  / photo


TRAVERSE CITY -- Fido's favorite day is on the horizon!

Thousands of pet owners will tote their four legged friends to the office in celebration of the 16th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day on Friday, June 20.

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VERO BEACH — When I think about training dogs, I like to think about cultivating behaviors. I nurture the calm, polite behaviors I like. I weed and block out the behaviors I don't like. I think most people see dog training as teaching individual actions rather than a goal of acceptable behavior.

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Posted: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 7:22 pm | Updated: 7:25 pm, Tue May 13, 2014.

A Pansey man received a 46-month sentence after he pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges involving the failure to perform services promised as part of an area dog training business.

Investigators with the Houston County Sheriff’s Office arrested 26-year-old David Andrew Bynum in October and November 2013 on multiple felony theft of property charges.

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A dog that was rescued from euthanization two weeks ago was shot and killed Sunday afternoon by a deputy after the dog attacked three people, including its owner and the officer.

It wasn't the first time the dog bit someone.

But as Union County Sheriff's Deputies try to trace the dog's history, animal control officers say they're running into a road block.

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As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dog healthy. Keeping your dog healthy involves taking him to the veterinarian, meeting his exercise needs, feeding him a nutritious diet and keeping him at his optimum weight. You should take your dog to his veterinarian for annual checkups and for any required vaccinations or treatments.… Read the full post here

Before you bring a dog into your home, there are several questions you should ask yourself to determine if a dog will fit into your life.

For example:

Can you make the time commitment dog ownership requires?

Do you have the financial resources needed to care for a dog?

Will your lifestyle accommodate a dog?… Read the full post here