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 A few months ago we told you about an international canine training organization that moved its headquarters to Reno. They're known for training dogs for the military to fight overseas and for law enforcement across the united states and now they are branching out even more.

Vigilant Canine Services International has been running in Reno for only three months and they just started a new civilian canine training program that anyone can join. 

Mary Kapner has been bringing her two dogs, China and Mitzi to Vigilant Canine Services International for the past few weeks.

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"The Strange Profusion of Portmanteau Dog Names." What?

The headline stopped me in my tracks, but wait, how was it I didn't know this word portmanteau? A quick perusal of my dictionary revealed that portmanteau is the combining of two or more words (or morphemes) and their definitions into one word; a portmanteau fuses both the sounds and the meaning of its components.

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10 Breeds That Will Keep Your Family Safe10 Breeds That Will Keep Your Family SafeThough it may seem impossible for your wiggly, snuggly pup to sound the alarm in the presence of danger or dutifully stand guard on the threshold of your home, some breeds were developed to protect their owners and keep their families safe.

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This nimble little dog comes in two varieties. One form, the Hairless, only has hair as a crest on its head and toes, and a plume on its tail. The Powder Puff variety is covered with long, soft hair.

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Often confused with the Tibetan Lhasa Apso, the Chinese Shih Tzu has a denser, slightly wavy coat and a face that has been described as similar to a chrysanthemum. This impression is given by the tendency of the hair on the bridge of the dog’s nose to grow upwards. Generally, this facial hair is tied up on the top of its head.… Read the full post here