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8526324984_972fd557a7_kCorgis have been the favourite pet of Queen Elizabeth for decades.

Image: Flickr, Daniel StockmanDaniel Stockman

By Blathnaid HealyUK2015-02-09 12:19:45 UTC

LONDON — They're best known for their association with Queen Elizabeth, but despite being the breed of choice for the British monarch, the corgi is in trouble.

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The illustrator Sharon Tancredi says that she's always loved the anthropomorphic images of dogs portrayed by C.M. Coolidge, the artist best known for his depictions of canines playing cards while doffed up in human clothes. Born in the United States but now based in the United Kingdom, Sharon's own work might not showcase her hounds enjoying quite such old-fashioned gentlemanly pursuits, but she says that she strives to take an equally stylized approach to the medium as she attempts to bring though the inherent character of each of her furry subjects.

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A modern recreation of the old type of King Charles Spaniel (below), the Cavalier can be distinguished by its longer nose and heavier build. Both breeds have identical coloration. The chestnut and white of each breed is described as the Blenheim, after the estate of the Duke of Marlborough, where spaniels of this colour were first developed.… Read the full post here