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Here's a definitive ranking of the world's dog breeds

It’s good news if you’re the owner of a Border Collie, a Border Terrier, a Labrador or a Poodle.

And it might be slightly disheartening if you’re the owner of a Bulldog, a Bloodhound, or a German Shepherd.

At least it is according to a new chart by data journalist David McCandless, which ranks 87 breeds of dog and compares them to the actual popularity of breeds in America.

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Ken Hedler 9:45 p.m. MST January 9, 2015

STG 0110 Puitbull 01.JPG

Pitbulls at the St. George Animal Shelter await adoption as the breed popularity declines. Jan. 9, 2015.(Photo: Chris Caldwell / The Spectrum & Daily News)

ST. GEORGE – A new state law that bars municipalities from banning specific dog breeds, such as pit bulls, enjoys the support of animal control officials from three area jurisdictions.

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Finally! A (somewhat) definitive guide to the most overrated and underrated dog breeds:

dog chart 3

dog chart 3

(David McCandless/Knowledge is Beautiful)

This chart, from David McCandless' fascinating new book Knowledge is Beautiful, ranks 87 dog breeds and compares those rankings to the actual popularity of those breeds in the US.

The ranking is based on a number of factors: trainability, life expectancy, lifetime cost (including the price of food and grooming), and suitability for children, among others.

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