This breed has an agile and athletic build. The muzzle has a distinctively concave profile and is often raised high as the dog tests the air. The Pointer is prized for its exceptional sense of smell and displays considerable 1 pace on the field, covering enormous distances. This elegant dog retains strong working instincts and requires a great deal of exercise if it is to be kept as a pet.

History of Pointer

The Pointer has been a hunting dog since the 17th century. Originally it was trained to detect hares, which were then run down, or "coursed", by greyhounds.


In the presence of game, this dog freezes in a characteristic “pointing” stance to indicate the quarry’s direction.

Other Names of Pointer: English Pointer.

Identification keys of Pointer

  • pronounced occipital bone
  • well-defined stop on the muzzle
  • wide chest
  • long, sloping shoulders
  • straight forelegs
  • hard, short coat with good gloss
  • medium-length ears, lying close to head
  • long, sloping neck
  • level with back, and lashes from side to side when dog is in motion
  • short-coupled body
  • white areas always evident
  • tail level with back, and lashes from side to side when dog is in motion
  • muscular thighs with well-turned stifles
  • oval, well arched toes

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